The new emperor ascended the throne

One of the most frequently criticized places of Halo 5 is that the plot span between Halo 5 and Halo 4 is too long. If you don’t read the novels and cartoons that complement the world outlook, you may be surprised by the characters in Halo 5. Fortunately, it is fairly clear as an independent story, though there are lots of details about it.
First, like Halo 2, the fifth generation sandwiched in the middle of the trilogy is also the setting of double protagonists. But this time, in terms of the plot arrangement, the sergeant became a deputy, while the fourth Spartan soldier Locke, who first appeared in the film Halo: Night, was corrected. The Osiris team, composed of Locke, former Hell Paratrooper Buck, technical expert Tanaka and language expert Vera, will face off with the blue team composed of the sergeant and his Spartan II comrades-in-arms.

The story begins with a mission of the Osiris team. The Naval Intelligence Department (UNSC) finally identified Dr. Halsey, who was under house arrest by storm rebel leader Jul Mudama, and the Osiris team was tasked with rescuing her.